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Marginalized by Obamacare

September 16, 2009

ObamaCare is clearly troubling in many ways, but this article points out the issue of the fate of the disabled (particularly children) under the plan. It quotes a mother with a son with Down Syndrome:

“When rationing begins, you all will look at my son and other people with disabilities and may wonder what kind of drain he is imposing on this new limited system or wonder what he’s taking away from you,” she said.

She hits the nail on the head. Health care is a limited resource that cannot be provided to everyone. Currently, it is largely rationed by the market. Under the proposed plan however, the government will ration and will surely use a utilitarian ethic to determine who gets what care. Under such an ethic, the disabled (particularly children), terminally ill, premature babies, and the elderly are simply “not worth” the cost of sustaining them.

Just think about how much that money could do in the hands of a fine govermentally-funded group like ACORN.

(Cross-posted at Southern Appeal)

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