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Don’t Hate Nothin’ At All Except Hatred

September 17, 2009

Liberal-Democrats are the self-proclaimed bearers of the tolerance standard. But of course in their application of one is only required to tolerant of the values they hold. This from Salvo, from the article “Seven Things You Can’t Do as a Moral Relativist”:

Rule #7: Relativists Can’t Promote the Obligation of Tolerance

Finally, there is no tolerance in relativism, because the moral obligation to be tolerant violates the rules. The principle of tolerance is often considered one of the key virtues of relativism. Morals are individual, and so we should tolerate the viewpoints of others by not judging their behavior and attitudes. But it should be obvious that this principle fails through contradiction. If there are no moral rules, there can be no rule that requires tolerance as a moral principle. In fact, if there are no moral absolutes, why be tolerant at all? Why not force your morality on others if it’s in your self-interest and your personal ethics allow it? Just be sure not to speak when doing so.

When was the last time you saw a liberal flex his or her tolerance muscles by affirming someone’s right to drive an SUV, or hunt, or oppose health care?

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