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Perseverence of the Saints

February 7, 2010

It’s Gameday.

I was born a covenant child of New Orleans Saints fandom and, to put it politely, it has been a long 24 years.

Rick Cleveland of Mississippi’s Clarion Ledger has a great article about just how bad the Saints have been from day one:

More than 43 years later, the Saints’ long and winding road has finally led them to a Super Bowl. To say there were detours, wrong turns and crashes along the way is to understate matters entirely. For most of their first two decades, the Saints were the Aints, a fumble or a false start waiting to happen. Fans, to show their embarrassment for cheering such ineptitude, wore bags on their heads.

This is an ideal Super Bowl matchup. I have always been a Manning fan and, I am convinced that a certain Southernness attaches to them that allows someone in Mississippi to pull for teams in New York and Indianapolis. However, as between a Manning and the Saints, my allegiance lies with the Saints.


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